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Terms and conditions of 0.7 design Oy Online Shop

Valid from 9.5.2017

Basics of 0.7 design Oy Online Shop

The activity services are sold online by 0.7 design Oy (business ID 2655941-9). All prices include VAT. The right for price changes is reserved.

These booking terms and conditions become binding to both parties once the customer has made the payment.


The customer makes the bookings online and pay the full amount immediately. Online booking is paid either by credit card or through a bank service. Customer is responsible for the fact that (s)he has read the activity service description and booking conditions. The booking system will send a booking confirmation to the customer's email address.

Online prices may vary depending on the availability of capacity and time. Separate campaigns might have a different booking conditions which will be mentioned in the bid information. Prices may also differ if the activity service is bought offline.

Bookings can be made only by the persons 18 years old and above.

All bookings will be confirmed by e-mail, stating the price of the reservation, as well as the activity services ordered. To receive the booking confirmation, the e-mail address has to be written when ordering the activity services.

The booking confirmation will be sent by email, from where you can see:

  • Reference number

  • Ordered activity services and service descriptions

  • Total amount of the invoice, VAT and other data

Payment Service Provider

Payment Service Provider and Operator is Maksukaista (Paybyway Oy, 2486559-4)) in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Maksukaista/Paybyway Oy is displayed payee's account statement or card invoice, and forwards the payment to the merchant. Maksukaista/Paybyway Oy has a payment institution license.

Paybyway Oy, Business identity code: 2486559-4

Laserkatu 6

53850 Lappeenranta, Finland

Phone: +358 29 300 5050


Cancellation of Booking

All cancellations must be made in writing by a letter/e-mail by the customer. The date on which 0.7 design Oy receives the written notification will be regarded as the date of cancellation.

In case of booking cancellation:

  • If cancellation is made two (2) weeks prior to the booked activity services, 0.7 design will return the customer full amount of the booked activity services.

  • If the cancellation is made less than two weeks prior to the booked activity service, or in the case of no show, 0.7 design will charge the customer full amount of the booked activity services.

0.7 design Oy will not compensate for the client for expenses incurred by the cancellation. 0.7 design Oy recommends customers to take travel insurance, including cancellation insurance.

Activity Services

All activities are instructed by an experienced instructor. Each instructor has 1-10 customers to be taken care of. Before each activity begins, safety and general instructions will be given in spoken (English/Finnish/Swedish) and/or in written manual (English/Japanese). The customer is obliged to comply with the instructions of the instructor. If the customer violates the instructions, he or she is liable in respect of damage caused to the full. Customer is responsibile to inform in advance the medical or any other causes that may affect the execution of the activity service.

The instructor has the right to suspend the program service if the customer endangers safety. The instructor has the right to change the program content or duration of activity service due to weather conditions to ensure customer safety.

0.7 design Oy's Right to Cancel the Reservation

In the case of force majeure, can 0.7 design Oy cancel the reservation. In this case, the customer is entitled to reimbursement of the fees in full.


0.7 design Oy reserves the right to change the booking conditions and the terms of delivery. The customer must consult before booking the currently existing booking and cancellation terms and conditions.

0.7 design Oy handles all customer information as strictly confidential.

In reclamations, please contact 0.7 design Oy.